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Air Pumps - Hydroponic Water & Aeration

Product Description

By using an air pump, you can take advantage of the diffusion of air into water. When placed at the bottom of your reservoir and used in conjunction with an airstone, the bubbles produced will increase the dissolved oxygen level of your nutrient reservoir. The bubbles will also keep your reservoir evenly mixed, which is a nice side benefit.


Pump Specifications

Pump Model Details Power Pump
Consumption Output
Dophin 5500 - Air Pump Single Outlet 2.0W 80 L/H
Dophin 6500 - Air Pump Single Outlet 2.5W 100 L/H
Dophin 7500 - Air Pump Double 2 Step 3.0W 150 L/H
Dophin 8500 - Air Pump Double 3 Step 3.5W 210 L/H
Regent 9500 - Air Pump Double Flow Control 4.0W 240 L/H
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