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Terra Aquatica Pro Organic Grow - Hydroponic / Soil Nutrients

Product Description

The T.A - Terra Aquatica (Formerly GHE - General Hydroponics Europe) range.

Highly concentrated, fully Organic, 1-part liquid nutrient. The first and only complete certified organic nutrient for all substrates and systems.

Pro Organic actively improves the root environment by feeding microbes that live in harmony with your plant. This provides the essential nutrition and environment to deliver healthy vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting. Pro Organic is ideal for every type of plant and will work wonders as a standalone product: you don’t need additional elements for a successful, bountiful grow, in most water*.

Pro Organic is perfectly soluble and well adapted to automatic and drip irrigation systems, or hand watering in conventional gardening. It is also the only nutrient certified for Bioponics (bare root recirculating organic hydroponics)

Please note: Pro Organic (and all organic feed) must be broken down by microbes to be made accessible to plants. Use Pro Organic with soil mixes, like Freedom Farms Premium Growing Medium, and/or beneficial microbe additives, like Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes.

Dosages: Pro Organic Grow is very concentrated: a maximum of 2 ml/L in water is enough in soil, coco or bioponics.

Recommended for use in conjunction with Terra Aquatica Pro Organic Bloom.

Shake well before each use!

Terra Aquatica's complete feed chart can be found at this link.

Available in 500ml, 1L & 5L bottles.

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